Cristin Caine-Founder & CEO

Cristin's background in special events fundraising and as a Montgomery County Public School teacher combined with her own fulfilling volunteer positions led to her passion to ensure that everyone who wants to be volunteering is volunteering.

michelle rubin.jpg

Michelle Rubin-Director of Strategic Volunteering

Michelle has a background as an attorney and community leader. She is passionate about connecting, motivating and empowering people through strategically chosen volunteer opportunities.


Leah Getlan-Director of School Service Education

Leah is passionate about helping people integrate community service into their everyday lives. As an attorney, Leah facilitated her colleagues' pro bono service. After pioneering service learning programs in her children's schools, Leah is excited to continue her work with Charity Connect.


Jessica McIntyre- Director of Communications

Jessica has a background in education, development, and community outreach. Her organizational management skills and communication strategies will enable us to reach, inspire, and connect more volunteers.