Strategic Volunteering

Being strategic about your volunteering by incorporating personal and/or professional goals helps to incorporate service into your life.

Our client Deb received the volunteer of the year award!

Our client Deb received the volunteer of the year award!

Individual Consultations

Charity Connect facilitates volunteerism through personal connection. We succeed by building relationships with people who want to increase their community service and organizations that utilize volunteers.

Our Volunteer Connection service includes:

  • an initial consultation to determine our clients interests, goals, and availability
  • suggested volunteer opportunities
  • facilitation with the chosen nonprofit.

This service has a $100 flat fee. We are a volunteer-run nonprofit and all fees support our mission to engage more volunteers.


The focus of Charity Connect's Strategic Volunteering workshop is to promote volunteering with mindfulness and intention. Participants are challenged to consider other benefits of volunteering in addition to community benefits. Examples of how personal and professional goals can be met through volunteering are provided. Intention-setting, communication with nonprofits, and proper expectations for volunteer work will be discussed. Participants leave with a self-inventory which can be used to mindfully search for volunteer opportunities. Cost: $150 sponsored or $20 per participant


Lots of energy at our workshop with Flexprofessionals, LLC on how strategic volunteering can help you reach your personal and professional goals. We strategized at a great place to volunteer, Interfaith Works and donated our registration fees.

Spotlight on Teens

Our teen clients gain leadership skills, confidence and rewarding work experience while connecting to their communities through tailored service opportunities. We work individually and in workshops with teens ages 15 and up. Our service education reaches volunteers under the age of 15.

hannah B.jpg

Our strategic volunteer, Hannah, incorporates her lifelong hobby of dance by joining Devenio Dance and utilizes her leadership skills as a member of Devenio's Teen Gala planning committee.

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