Service Education

We partner with schools and youth groups to empower students through customized service learning.


Service Field Trips

We work with nonprofits to create off-site learn and serve opportunities that fit students' development and interests. The main goal when planning days of service is for students to be able to understand how their service impacts others and to leave the day with knowledge, inspiration and a desire to serve again.

McLean lunch.jpg

Students from the McLean School of Potomac make seedballs to help the bees (left) and prepare and enjoy a healthy lunch (above) with the seniors served by Senior Reach. Charity Connect has planned and implemented a school-wide Day of Service for the McLean School for the past three years. Many of the students and teachers continued to volunteer for the organizations they served.

Stories & Service

Charity Connect develops and implements hands-on service curriculum tailored to the learning goals of schools (preschool-college) and youth groups. We love using a good story to help kids empathize and then engage them in a hands-on service activity.

Stories & Service visits are tailored to your group's curriculum or goals and can incorporate themes such as food insecurity, growth mindset, poverty, diversity, environmental protection, elderly appreciation and more.

Cost for a one-hour visit.

$75 program fee + $25 material fee


After listening to “Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Day” and learning about the effects of Mary's kindness, this Brownie troop quickly got to work planning how they could cause their own ripples of kindness.

Parties with a Purpose

Elevate your get together by adding service. We can help you plan your party or run the service portion of your party. We recommend parties with a purpose as a way to give back around the holidays when nonprofits are often inundated with volunteers.

Cost $75 per hour


We dove into service with the dolphins of Edgemoor Club making cheerful refrigerator magnets for low income seniors served by Community Ministries of Rockville , repurposing T-shirt’s into STRONG chew toys for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue and providing snacks with laughs for So What Else campers. “What is Harry Potter’s favorite way to get down the hill? Walking, JK Rowling”

Contact us to provide service education for your school, youth group or party.