Our Mission

We are a volunteer-led 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to personally facilitating meaningful and sustained volunteerism. Clients in our strategic volunteering program can acquire skills, learn about different fields and gain work experience to advance their career paths. Our school service education programs help preschool through college students connect with their impact and understand how they can make a difference in their community. We create lifelong volunteers by helping people incorporate volunteerism into their lives.


Adding a personal goal to your service goal will put some pep in your step!

Magda Halim's volunteering is a great example of "double goal" service. We first met Magda at our Strategic Volunteering workshop with FlexProfessionals in Virginia. We were thrilled to work with her and channel her enthusiasm and positive energy into a great cause! As a community coach for Girls On The Run (GOTR), Magda will work with other coaches to facilitate a life skills and physical fitness curriculum for 3rd-5th graders for 10 weeks. During this time she can also work towards her own goal to run a 5k and reach that goal with her GOTR girls at the end of the season!