Charity Connect is a volunteer-led nonprofit with a mission to personally facilitate meaningful and sustainable volunteerism.  
We help people who want to be involved in community service
start volunteering and stay volunteering. 


We all understand how volunteering helps others. When you take the time to find the RIGHT volunteer opportunity for you, it helps YOU.  The right way to serve is one that fits your interests and availability and allows you to see how you are helping. You don't have to do it with us, but please take time to find your "right fit" volunteer opportunity.
You will benefit as well as your community. 

Our Services


Each connection starts by taking time to focus on the client's volunteer interests and availability. We work with volunteers of all ages to find their "right fit" volunteer opportunity. 

School Service Education

Whether in the classroom or out in the community, we ensure that students from preschool through college connect with the impact they are making. 


Service Project Planning

Together with our client, we develop and facilitate a comprehensive project including volunteer service, fundraising, and advocacy for special occasion and other in-depth service projects. 

Who We Serve



Easily incorporate volunteering into your life.


Make YOUR impact on the world and lead others.


Empower your students to serve their community.


Join us in creating lifelong volunteers.



Cristin Caine is the founder and CEO of Charity Connect. Her background in special events fundraising and as a Montgomery County Public School teacher combined with her own fulfilling volunteer positions led to her passion to ensure that everyone who wants to be volunteering is volunteering.